order before 10pm for refrigerated delivery direct to your door in three business days
good old fashioned service & value
insulated packaging to ensure your order is as cool as a cucumber when received
over 1000 certified organic products in stock
minimum order amount $50
refrigerated delivery direct to your door 7 days a week


Will you deliver everything I order?

Our fulfillment rates are industry leading for online food ordering & delivery, currently running at over 97%. So in short, while we can’t promise to deliver everything you order, we will come as near to it as possible because we only list the items we have in stock at time of ordering.


How will my order arrive?

Our refrigerated delivery service ensures your order will arrive as cool as a cucumber – our 100% compostable boxes & packaging are insulated and contain reusable frozen brick(s) to ensure all your goodies are chilling out even if you’re not home when delivered.

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Do you have a minimum order amount?

Yes, $50 is the minumum order amount to enable us to provide you with our home delivery service. 


How much does delivery cost?

We have a flat fee of $9.95 per delivery.  Refrigerated. Real time tracking. 7 days a week to Brisbane metro. Whether you order two or 12 boxes, it's the same single flat fee.


Do you deliver to my suburb?

Our delivery partner offers refrigerated services all over SE QLD & Northern NSW with plans to expand further afield. Simply type in your suburb below to see if you're covered;


Yes we deliver to your area!

I am sorry we don't deliver to your area yet. However we may deliver to your work suburb or a friend's suburb. Please feel free to email or call us if you would like further assistance.


Why can’t I get next day delivery?

Our number one focus is service and we want to ensure you get everything you order. to do this, we need three business days; a day to process, a day to pack and a day to deliver. As a guide;

Place your order before 10pm on a Monday and your first delivery option is 8am-6pm Thursday

Place your order before 10pm on a Tuesday and your first delivery option is 8am-6pm Friday

Place your order before 10pm on a Wednesday and your first delivery option is 8am-6pm Saturday

Place your order before 10pm on a Thursday and your first delivery option is 8am-6pm Tuesday

Place your order before 10pm on a Friday and your first delivery option is 8am-6pm Wednesday

Place your order before 10pm on a Saturday and your first delivery option is 8am-6pm Wednesday

Place your order before 10pm on a Sunday and your first delivery option is 8am-6pm Wednesday

Please note: Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and regional areas may not have as many delivery options available so please confirm your next available delivery date & time slot when checking out.


Can you deliver to Straddie, Coochie & the Southern Bay Islands?

Yes, working with Sealink & Stradbroke Flyer we can deliver to the Cleveland & Redland Bay ferry terminals. You can book your specific freight service once you receive your tracking text confirming your order delivery time slot. As of August 2022, Sealink charges are $25 for freight from the mainland.  Stradbroke Flyer charges are dependant on having an account set up with them.

For North Stradbroke Island, please ensure you use the following ferry terminal address at your cart check out;

  • Sealink South East QLD, 3 Emmett Drive, Cleveland QLD 4163


  • Stradbroke Flyer, 21 Emmett Drive, Cleveland QLD 4163


For Southern Bay Islands, please ensure you use the following ferry terminal address at your cart check out;

  • Redland Bay Ferry Terminal, Banana Street, Redland Bay QLD 4165


Yes, working with Amity Trader we can deliver to the Victoria Point ferry terminal. You will need to arrange pick up from the Amity Trader office at Victoria Point once you receive your tracking text confirming your order delivery time slot. 

For Coochiemudlo Island, please ensure you use the following ferry terminal address at your cart check out;

  • Amity Trader Pty Ltd, Masters Avenue, Victorial Point QLD 4165

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How do I know when my order will be delivered?

Once you place your order you will receive an email confirming your order and delivery date.  Once your order is dispatched you will receive a notification text. Then when your order has been delivered, you’ll receive a text with a photo confirming its arrival.


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What if I am not home when the delivery arrives?

Once your order is dispatched for delivery you can track its location and ETA to plan ahead. If you are not at home we will simply leave your order at your front door.  Our refrigerated trucks and insulated packing will ensure your order is chilling out until you get home!


Where do you get your fresh produce & products from?

Having built a network of growers, producers and suppliers over the past 15 years and working with the best Certified Organic wholesale fulfilment provider, we can confidently say we have unparalleled access to the freshest produce and products which will be delivered directly to your door.


I can’t find a specific product available on the store – can you get it in for me?

In short, we’ll do our best.  Text or email us a request and if we can, we will. we are adding new lines every week and will continue to strive to offer you the best range of certified organic online.


Why can’t I see a certain variety of apple available in the middle of summer?

Seasons dictate availability and this principle is core to the organic industry. 

We have partnered with the best Certified Organic wholesale fulfilment provider so if you can’t see Golden Delicious Apples on the web store then, simply, it’s not in season.  If a certain variety of Fruit & Veg is in season and it’s available, we will have it listed for purchase.

we will only ever offer you produce that has just been picked, rather than cold stored out of season stock.


What does Certified Organic mean?

Real food as mother nature intended it.  Or as the saying goes; if you can't pronounce it, best avoid it!

The official definition from Australian Certified Organic is;

The word “organic” refers to the way agricultural products such as fruit, vegetables and grain, are grown and processed. Organic food production is based on a system of natural farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilisers and prohibits genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

For farmers, converting to organic is more than switching out similar products. It is about understanding the natural cycles of farm agroecosystems and how to use them to their advantage rather than control them. Certified organic products represent agricultural practices that promote biodiversity, minimise erosion and protect watersheds, create wildlife zones and habitats, encourage soil regeneration with natural alternatives to synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, and so much more.  

Organic produce is grown in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner. Through learning more about natural processes and management practices, organic farmers become less reliant on artificial inputs and monoculture systems that currently dominate non-organic agriculture. Organic farmers provide you and your family with nutritious, safe and sustainable produce.


Can I speak with someone regarding the ordering process?

Yes, we are available on 0402 677 370 – simply send us a text and either Scott, Marion or one of the team will contact you to help clarify any part of our online store.


Is your store in Cleveland still open?

No. the end of our 10 year lease coupled with a change of landlord paved the way for wray organic online to replace our physical shop front. as we evolve from bricks and mortar to clicks and orders, we hope you can support us during this new chapter in our journey.


What is your refund policy?

Please let us know know on the day of delivery if there is any item that you are not 100% satisfied with. text us on; 0402 677 370


What is your Privacy Policy?

Your privacy is important to us. Very important.

We do not provide your details to any other organisation or individual.

We do not store your credit card details unless you request us to. Requesting us to store your credit card details can save time in making future orders. In this instance your credit card details in an encrypted file on our secure server.

We may email or text you with special offers and promotions but you can choose at any time to opt out and cancel your account with us.



Wray Organic Online provides general product information such as ingredients, nutritional information, images, country of origin and other information.

We aim to keep this information as up to date as possible. However, product detail may change from time to time by the primary producer or manufacturer without notification.

When precise information is important to you & your family due to dietary, religious, ethical or other reasons, we recommend you contact the manufacturer and always read the product information on the package before consuming.


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