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Britts Organic Bakery


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Britt’s Organics started in the year of 1998, originally under the name of Britt’s Danish Delights. Rene Christiansen, a Danish pastry chef and founder of the enterprise, has gone on to establish one of Gold Coast's leading pastry companies.

With over three decades of industry experience, Rene creates unique and authentic products using quality ingredients and traditional recipes. Along with Britt Christiansen, the two tapped into a market which for years had been crying out for truly organic products. On a quest to fill this niche, they began producing bakery products with a range of top quality organic ingredients and recipes.  

Organic agriculture is a carefully designed system of food production which operates internationally to written standards.  It aims to grow the best food possible by understanding and working with natural processes.  Good health – of the soil, plants, animals and people – is the objective.

At Britt’s Organic is BFA accredited. We strive to deliver the utmost quality ingredients and standards to allow for an even better product each and everyday. Biological Farmers Australia (BFA) is Australia’s largest representative organic body, which is nationally recognized as the leader in influencing polices and aiding in the development of the organic industry since 1988.

The only way customers can be assured that they are purchasing REAL ORGANIC products , produced without the use of synthetic chemicals and GMO’s, is to purchase products which have been organically certified with AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

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