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K2 Beef click here for more information on this brand

garlic & rosemary beef 600g sausages

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k2 beef is certified organic & entirely grass-fed free-range premium beef from angus-cross cattle grazed ethically using low stress, regenerative animal & land management systems in the mary valley, qld. australia.

k2 organic beef is not only ethical, regenerative and certified organic, it is extremely low food miles and it is pasture raised (some call grassfed). k2 is referred to as the “missing link” vitamin and has very few sources in modern diets.

animal fats and organs is one source of vitamin k2 however once grain is added to the diet (as is common in many production systems), the k2 is lost.

using regenerative farming practices to mirror natures patterns and create a stress-free environment for our cattle, no; soy, grain, hormones, antibiotics, synthetic fertiliser or any type of chemical is used in our farming system.

Meat is supplied frozen. After processing by our butcher all meat is snap frozen to maintain quality. Freezing also significantly reduces histamines in food which is essential for anyone with a histamine intolerance.

** Please note weights are a guide – there will be some variation in weights (up and down).


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